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Energy Audit Training and Certification

To get started in this rapidly growing field as a home energy auditor or commercial energy auditor, you need 3 things:

I) Training -
  1. Let's face it, you can get "Trained" almost anywhere. The real question is does that training actually help you succeed?
  2. We give you only the best training, from real experts and it is designed specifically for your success.
  3. We are not a diploma mill like those other groups, we care about our students and we make sure you get everything you need for success.

II) Certification -

  1. Certification matters. And we offer only the best, most recognized certifications.
  2. Our pass rates are the highest in the industry, because we care about our students.
  3. All Certifications included in the pricing - no hidden fees.

III) Business Start-Up Resources-

  1. Truth is, most "trainers" out there don't teach you anything about getting started in this business.
  2. They want your money, not your competition. Denby Energy doesn't compete with its students.
  3. Denby Energy gives you Real Business Resources that you need to succeed.
  4. Don't risk your future with sub-par or copy-cat "training". As the best training program out there, we routinely have people who try to "steal" our formula for success. Don't be fooled by imitators. To succeed in this business, you need the right resources not imitations.
  5. Get the best for Your Future with Denby Energy.

We make it really simple for you.

Click below to learn how you can get started today as a Certified Energy Auditor with our industry leading home energy audit training, commercial energy audit training and BPI and RESNET energy audit training.

Home Energy Audit Training programs

Home Energy Audit Training and Certification Courses

Home Energy Auditor starter Package - Learn More
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Denby Energy Commercial Audit Training Package

Commercial Energy Audit Training and Certification Courses

Commercial Energy Auditor Package - Learn More
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Home Energy Auditor Training for BPI and RESNET testing

Training Courses for BPI and RESNET Written and Field Certification

Home Energy Auditor Turn-Key Package - Learn More
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LIVECommercial Energy Audit Training CLASSES
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Distinguish yourself with the best energy audit training programs available today. No one else comes close.

All of our programs, home energy audit certification, commercial energy audit certification, BPI, and RESNET give you the essentials for your success and more.

Learn with one of the oldest and most respected names in the business. Join the hundreds of others like you who want the best for their future.

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"Because of your certification I have been able to successfully complete Commercial Energy Audits and have a created a profitable business as a result of your training. Thanks again for making this all possible."

Jason Ibara
CEO-Commercial Energy Hawaii LLC


"Just the savings we will have in our own home should easily pay for the cost of the program"

Patrick Givvin
Thousand Oaks, CA


"Very Good Material By The Way! It was nicely packaged and presented."

Craig M.
Littleton, CO


"We have been really happy with the material. And let you know that your customer service has been outstanding. It is a pleasure to be doing business with you and your company."

David Bazar
Port Clinton, OH

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