10 Reasons to become an Energy Auditor

Recession-proof your career by getting training in the “Green Collar” job market. Green jobs are on the rise as the business world responds to dramatic increases in energy costs and environmental regulations.  One of the fastest growing “green” occupations is a Certified Energy Auditor.  This career is poised for significant growth well into the future mainly because it is eco-friendly and in demand by companies and home owners looking to cut down on wasted energy.

Listed below are 10 Reasons to become a Certified Energy Auditor

#1 In Demand Occupation – Energy Auditors are in high-demand. Time Magazine lists an Energy Auditor is one of the hottest new careers. Allowing you to start your own business or join and existing company part-time.

#2 No prior experience required – With training programs such as Denby Energy Auditor cetification training you can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Denby Energy offers both commercial and residential auditor training. Everything you need to meet and succeed in this highly lucrative field.

#3 Easy to get started – Many energy training courses are done on-line so you can start and finish at your own pace while in the comfort of your own home. Most training can be completed in about 2 weeks.

#4 Low up front costs - Energy training is affordable. Plus you can complete the training while you still have your current job.

#5 Be your own Boss – If you are ready to be your own boss, starting your own Energy Auditor business will give you the opportunity to work for yourself.

#6 Make your own schedule. As an energy auditor you can work full or part-time or anywhere in-between. Schedule your appointments when it’s convenient for you.

#7 No hard-core sales – An energy auditors goal is to save the client money by reducing current energy consumption. You are not asking a client to spend more kmoney, just save more.  You are providing a service that people want, so you can generate a lot of referral business.

#8 Eco-Friendly – Help the environment and lead the revolution with this green collar job. Plus you’ll help customers be at the cutting edge of the president’s energy stimulus program.

#9 Recession Proof – Choose a new career that doesn’t falter when the economy does. Clients will always be willing to save money, whether or not we are in a recession.  Finding new ways to save energy or help customers install more energy efficient tools will continue to be in demand in this new green economy.

#10 High Income Potential - Gain the income stability you deserve by switching employment into the hottest most in-demand new career.  As an energy auditor you set your price for services and can also provide many other related services to home owners.  If you already provide existing services get certified as an energy auditor can help increase your service business revenue.

Now is the time to get going and check out an Energy Auditor Training Program. Be trained and positioned for success in this growing job market. Revitalize your career today!


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