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Denby Energy began with a simple idea. Teach others how to make money saving energy … just like we did.

We found that most businesses we visited were aware that energy costs are growing, but were absolutely unable to direct their efforts on identifying and modifying their energy use. This is not because they are bad companies or unskilled. In fact, many are at the top of their field. Unfortunately, their field is not energy use, so they have no idea what to do.

Many big companies like Wal-Mart, Intel, Cox Communications and others routinely put on speaking engagements telling others of their wonderful successes in energy efficiency.

But unlike these very large companies, most small businesses don’t have the man-power or capital fluidity to take a handful of employees off their sales/support jobs to learn the art of energy efficiency.

The result is an enormous demand by small, medium and large businesses for energy expertise. And with over 5 million businesses in the United States, the market is wide open.

In 2009 Denby Energy unveiled its Home Energy Auditor training program. This program has enjoyed tremendous success. The Home Program is wholly distinct from the Commercial Program in the method and approach to the training. You will find that each chapter is fresh and unique, and not merely a cut and paste of information like some other programs. The Denby Energy Home Program was inspired by and designed around the reality that most energy savings in the home can be identified and implemented with minimal effort. That means lower costs for your clients and less time and effort for you.

What Makes Denby Energy Training Materials So Valuable

Michael Denby - Founder and President of Denby Energy Denby Energy Training Materials are our Critical Advantage. Denby Energy is committed to providing the absolute best materials for your training. All our materials are developed, written and/or approved by our founder who brings an incredible wealth of academic and personal experience to his work, including 15 years of environmental law, a Certified Energy Manager designation, and most recently a LEED AP designation.

We don’t merely rely upon a text book and tell you to read a few chapters. Instead, over years of preparation and application, we have acquired and filtered all the available information and provide to you a solid, focused and effective learning platform. All of Denby Energy’s program materials are 100% created by us, so we have complete control of the content and most importantly, the way it is delivered to you. And our materials have proven effective, even by other top energy experts, resulting in several licensing programs that utilize our exclusive materials as an integral part of other energy audit training programs.

Joint Ventures-Licensing-Marketing-Synergy Opportunities

Denby Energy is always open to discussions regarding joint-ventures, licensing, marketing, and other synergy opportunities. Curiously, what many would consider to be competitors, actually turn out to be important allies and strategic business partners. Since we hold a strong position in the energy business, and we are the creators and marketers of the leading online learning tools for commercial and home energy audit training, we are in an excellent strategic position to provide unique business opportunities for others in the energy business or for those wanting to get into the energy business. residential energy auditor training

One of the amazing things about the energy business, is that it is growing so fast, that it is often easier to partner with established entities than it is to re-invent the wheel. If you have an idea, project or opportunity, feel free to contact us to find out if we can work together. Contact Us

Denby Energy Named Trade Ally with APS

In 2008, Denby Energy was one of a small number of energy auditing firms to become a Trade Ally with Arizona Public Service, the largest provider of power in Arizona.

Denby Energy is a Trade Ally with Arizona Public Service, the largest provider of power in  Arizona
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Denby Energy Founder and President

Michael Denby - Founder and President of Denby Energy

Michael Denby is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), a LEED AP, and the founder and President of Denby Energy, LLC.

Michael started his career in environmental work in 1989 when he graduated Emory University with an Environmental Degree. Since that time, he has worked as an environmental consultant, as an assistant counsel for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and spent 15 years as an environmental and natural resources law attorney. During his career, Michael has sat on 3 different governor appointed commissions including the Underground Storage Tank Commission, The Arizona Regulatory Oversight Commission and Arizona Agricultural Protection Commission.

In addition to environmental work, Michael has spent considerable time representing Clients like Duke Energy, APS, New Mexico (PNM) and others.

Michael also carries two very important accreditations. LEED AP and Certified Energy Manager (CEM). He has used these accreditations to build unique and in-depth training programs as well as to validate the incredible marketing opportunity that is Denby Energy, and the only program available that provides: 1) essential auditing training; 2) the economics of energy savings; and, 3) the business start-up essentials to turn this knowledge into a very profitable full or part-time career.