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1. What is an Energy “Audit”? An “audit” is merely an examination or review. With an energy audit, the auditor, using specific steps, methods and information, examines the current energy use of a building, facility or structure and makes a detailed list of energy targets – things like lighting, heating and machines. This information tells the business how much they are currently spending to run their facility. The objective of the audit is to identify ways for the facility to reduce its energy use without impacting its current or planned operations.

2. Can you just audit one aspect of a home or business, like lighting? Yes. Energy Audits can be as simple as one energy target – an air conditioner, or as complex as a Comprehensive Facility Audit looking at everything at the facility. In fact, lighting is one of the easiest and most lucrative aspects of the auditing business. Some facilities like restaurants and retail centers spend over 50% of their energy bill on lighting alone. By helping them reduce that energy use you are saving them money, which is good for business and good for the environment.

3. Do you have to convince a homeowner or business to change the way it operates? No. We never ask a homeowner or company to change the way it operates. We only point out the energy problems.


4. Are Your Programs Certified? YES. All our programs have been peer reviewed and approved by the National Energy and Sustainability Insititute (NEASI). The NEASI certification is recognized world wide with certified auditors in countries around the globe.

5. Tell me more about NEASI. NEASI is an independent organization and is not owned or managed by Denby Energy. Denby Energy was selected as a the premier energy audit training provider. NEASI has a board of advisors that make certain that all the Denby program materials meet exacting standards for performance and effectiveness.

6. Are you teaching me how to balance Air Conditioning units, install and modify electrical elements or other “trade” work? NO! Denby Energy is not in the business of teaching trades. Also, Denby Energy is not a replacement for traditional tradesmen. We do not recommend undertaking any of the actual maintenance, upgrading or retrofitting of trades based components. You or the client will need to find licensed tradesmen to do that.

7. Won’t they just hire tradespeople instead of me? No. Most tradespeople don’t know about energy auditing. They know their trade – HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) for example know air conditioners. They don’t know lighting. They don’t know building shell, machines or solar gain. So when we find a problem with the air conditioning units at a facility, we call in an HVAC expert to find out how to make that unit more efficient. If the facility was to call in an HVAC expert but not Denby Energy, they would get a significant HVAC bill, but their lighting, building shell, machines, and solar gain would go unchanged. The result would be minimal energy savings. Since you are looking at ALL energy targets and not just one trade’s targets, you offer the client a complete energy audit. Together the client gets the savings, you get your profit, and the tradesman gets their job.

8. What does the training include? All training materials are digital downloads over the Internet or in the case of our exclusive Video Learning Modules (Virtual Academy), online learning tools.  They are comprised of a multitude of different documents and software including individual training modules, Software, Excel Spreadsheets and audit materials to ensure you have all the tools and resources you need to succeed. 

9. Can I travel to Arizona to learn from you?We hold “Live” training programs and have several live training opportunities around the country. If you are interested in attending, please use our contact form and let us know.

10. How Long Does the Training Take? All the materials are packaged together in one download that you get at the time of purchase. You are free to take as short or as long as you want to learn the materials.  Most candidates complete the program within 2 weeks.

11. Tell me about the Certification Test? All the training materials include a certification test.  The certification test is administered online test.  When you purchase the program, you will be provided a user name and password for the test.  The home test is 80 questions long and you have 60 minutes to complete the exam.  The Commercial test is 100 questions and you have 120 minutes to complete the exam.  Both tests require a minimum passing score of 70%.  The test results are instantaneous, so you will know your score the minute you finish the exam.  An official certificate is then mailed to you within 5-7 business days.