Energy Auditor Success Story

Are you contemplating becoming an Energy Auditor, but are not sure how the training will apply to your current service profession? Or maybe you are thinking about starting you own energy consulting business, and want to know what results you can expect from applying the principles in the Denby Energy program? If this sounds like you then you might be interested in the case study below on Bob Dame and his business, Energy Resource Group.

Certified Denby Energy Auditor

Bob Dame is the founder and President of Energy Resource Group.  Energy Resource Group used Denby Energy Training programs to launch their energy audit business. About 15 months ago Bob completed Denby Energy’s Home and Commercial Energy Auditing Training course and has been using what he learned to acquire new business ever since.

Path to Success



Bob Dame started Energy Resource Group in March 2008 and was turning a profit by December 2008. He currently has 11 associates in the field performing audits and looking for new business. Bob attributes much of his success to hard work and the skills he obtained in the Denby Energy Auditor training program.

Here are some facts about Energy Resource Group, since completing the Denby auditor training:

  1. ERG focuses on reducing our clients’ energy consumption needs by focusing on:
    1. Energy Efficient Lighting
    2. Renewable Energy Sources
    3. Operations Energy Analysis
  2. Over the last 14 months of the company’s existence, ERG has already reduced its client’s energy usage by 3.5 million kilowatt, saving them $360,000.
  3. The gross cost of these projects was $687,000, of which the utility companies paid $471,000 in rebates leaving a net cost of only $216,000, meaning that 69% of the projects’ costs were covered by the utility companies.
  4. The average ROI (return on investment) for our clients is only 7 months.
  5. ERG saves their clients an average of 25%-30% on the energy costs.
  6. The company became profitable from start up in only 8 months.
  7. ERG is currently working on major energy reduction projects with:
    1. Shell Oil
    2. Fuji Film
    3. Palm Lane Elementary School
    4. Standard Renewable Energy
    5. The City of Scottsdale

How about some specific examples

Tucson Community School

A project of which ERG is particularly proud is the Tucson Community School. While this was not the largest project ERG has done, it is close to their collective hearts as the School was established in 1948 and has produced many prominent civic leaders.

  1. The project is expected to pay for itself in only 27 months, after which the school will be saving nearly $1,500 a year which in today’s tough economic situation and many schools facing closure or layoffs, is a great deal of money.
Energy Audit Numbers

Energy Audit Numbers

Lamb’s Christian School

Another school ERG helped to reduce cost with was Lamb’s Christian School. This project paid for itself in only 13 months, after which the school would save $14,314 a year. That is a staff member that keeps their job.

Lamb Christian School

Lamb Christian School

Jewish Community Center

A project completed for a Jewish Community Center with an 18-month return on investment and an annual savings of $10,702 per year.

Rosemont Copper Mine

ERG is also currently working with Rosemont Copper Mine to develop a conceptual design for a 1mW (Mega Watt) solar array. The solution proposed and run by ERG was to issue 5, $100,000 grants to develop 5 different systems and run each side by side for a year. After the year of observation is up, ERG will select one or more technologies to develop for the 1mW array.

Here is footage of the development site:

ERG is also working on a 30kW roof mount system for Rosemont copper mine to help them meet LEED accreditation (LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system) standards for their administration buildings.

Long term, ERG will help the Rosemont Copper Mines to meet ACC mandates that 15% of all Arizona energy needs come from a renewable source by 2025. In practical terms this means that they will have 75mW of their constant 108mW load come from renewable sources.

To quote Bob Dame, “Bottom line….I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!”

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