Why Denby Energy?

In the video below Mike Denby, CEO of Denby Energy, explains the benefits of the Denby Energy Auditor Training programs and provides an energy auditor case study example. With the Denby’s Energy Auditor Training programs you can quickly learn the skills you need to become an Energy Auditor and in your own time. Denby also provides you with the tools you need to turn your newly acquired energy auditor certification into a profitable business.

  1. Denby Energy is the original online learning tool for home energy audits and commercial energy audit training. Anyone you see out there is either a Denby Energy licensee or got their start with Denby Energy.
  2. Denby Energy has sold over 1000 training programs. So you are in great company.
  3. Denby Energy has built one of the strongest names in online energy audit training.
  4. Denby Energy is the only program to offer integrated Marketing and Sales training – because what good is audit training if you don’t know how to use it.
  5. Denby Energy is the most affordable and accessible energy auditor training program offering today. Our prices are low because we own the materials and don’t have to pay others to use their materials.
  6. All our programs come with the Certification test built into the cost of the package.

Should I get Denby training or some other training?

The answer is really easy. You should start with Denby Energy. Denby gives you the essentials you need to know to be an energy auditor and to market and sell your services. When you have completed the Denby Energy Auditor program you can start doing energy audits immediately.

When you have passed the Denby Energy program and begun doing energy audits, you can upgrade to the other programs if you feel you need the added material. Most people don’t need to take the additional trainings, but for those that do:

  1. You’ll be in a better position to pass the other programs written exams, which can, in some instances, have a significant failure rate;
  2. You’ll better understand how what you learn with the other programs will actually apply. With the Denby Energy program you have been through the Tier 1 training and can see how all this actually works as a business model. That makes it easier to take, digest and apply what you learn with the other providers;
  3. You’lle be able to market and sell the idea of energy audits to your customers. With the Denby Energy program under your belt, you are again in a better position to make it happen.

The relatively small investment into Denby Energy programs will easily pay for itself in your first audit – or even in reducing the wasted energy in your own home.

I Want the Best Energy Auditor Training

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all program for energy auditing. There is no “perfect” energy auditing course, just like there is no perfect soda, car, spouse or job. What works for some doesn’t work for all. Instead, Denby Energy recommends that you create a logical reason for starting down this path – what we like to call a Common Sense Approach.

  1. Start with the Denby Energy Auditor Training program and apply it, and then when (or if) you feel you need to take additional training you can. (most don’t even feel the need to do that).

What Kind of Energy Audit Training Do I Need?

If you are looking to get into the Energy Audit business you can plan your approach by better defining what it is you want to do with your energy audit training. As you can see, the first step for getting started should be the Denby Energy Auditor programs, and then you step up to the other programs when your needs change..

Denby Energy Auditor Training Is Perfect for Existing Service Providers

Denby Energy is the perfect choice for expanding your existing services. Most people that already have a career don’t want to leave that career behind to get into energy, but instead want to use energy auditing to augment their career, services and opportunities. The first step in doing this should be the Denby Energy training. With this, they can quickly, easily, and inexpensively add energy audit related services to their offerings. And then if they see the need, they can step up to the other programs later.