Become A Certified Energy Auditor

Make your professional mark by showing that you are a Certified Energy Auditor. The Denby Certification program is a complete test program – with 128 focused questions that test the applicant’s knowledge and training. The Denby Energy Certification is designed to reinforce the audit training, economics of energy and how to start and run your own business as specifically set forth in the exclusive Denby Energy Program. This is the only program of its kind available and the Certification is held to the highest standards.

Denby Energy Auditor Certification Testing

After you have purchased the Denby Energy Program you will be eligible to become a Denby Energy Certified Auditor by taking the certification test. To apply for the test you must: 1) have purchased the Denby Energy Program; and 2) pay the $200 testing fee. You can take the certification test a maximum of 2 times per month, with a $30 re-test fee. The examination fee covers the cost of having your test personally graded by a Denby Energy Professor. When you successfully pass the exam, you will receive the prestigious Denby Energy Certified Energy Auditor certificate. You will be able to use this certification on your business cards and promotional materials. Certified Energy Auditor

Prestigious Denby Seal of Certification

Denby Certification Seal Once you have successfully passed the Denby Energy Auditor written examination, you will receive your very own Certificate of Completion. You can then take this certification with you and present it to potential clients to ensure them you are certified as an Energy Auditor and will save them money based on the in-depth energy analysis training you have received in the program.

Benefits of Being a Certified Energy Auditor

Denby graduates enjoy career flexibility that allows them to work from home and earn a lucrative income while helping local companies to save money on their energy bills. Here are some of the best parts about the Denby Energy Auditor Certification Program:

  • Confidence- By taking and passing the Certification test you will quickly learn how much you know and how easy it is to make money saving energy.
  • Reputation- With the prestigious Energy Auditor Certificate you will establish a reputation as a true professional.
  • Professionalism- Anyone can download training materials. Only those with the professionalism to take their career to the next level will take and pass the Certified Energy Auditor Exam.

Save 50% off the Certified Auditor Program

The Denby Energy Program is currently being offered at a reduced rate. We want to do our part to help everyone that has been laid off, downsized, or simply struggling to make ends meet during these tough economic times. In an effort to help we are reducing the original $200 cost for our Professional Certification to $97 (a 50% savings).

Get Certified as an Energy Professional Today for $97.00

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