How can you benefit from the Cash for Caulkers Stimulus Money?

(Hint: Become a Professional Energy Auditor)

Cash for Caulkers Program at Denby

On December 8, 2009 President Obama proposed a new program that has come to be labeled “Cash for Caulkers”.

What we know about the program to date:

That there is a combined effort to use this program: 1) To create jobs for out of work construction workers; 2) To stimulate energy efficiency; 3) To provide that the contractors are properly trained and licensed.

Date of action: To run a program like this the President first needs funding. Currently he is proposing that Congress take action to pass a spending bill that will provide for funding. There is no indication that Congress will have the time or desire to address this before year’s end.

Type of Payments: The proposed plans currently have a number of different payment structures, direct payment to the contractor, payment to the homeowner, payment to Home Depot and Lowes, etc. So far, none of these have been finalized and it does not look like this aspect has been completely fleshed out by the administration or Congress.

When will I be able to do audits under this program? No time frame has been set for the program to start.

What does this program really mean? The funding number that is being tossed around is $12 billion in funding, or an estimated $12,000 per home, with a cap of 1 million homes. This creates a lot of questions. Such as what is going to happen with the other 129 million homes in the United States when the $12 billion is gone? Is it going to be a first-come-first serve program?

Does this program apply to the 5 million small businesses out there that need energy audits? No. This program is 100% focused on homes. Take advantage of this incredibly lucrative and relatively untapped market with the Denby Energy Commercial auditor training program. click here to learn more about our exclusive Commercial Energy Auditor Training

What can I be doing to prepare for a career that takes advantage of this program? The first thing you can do is get certified as a Denby Energy auditor. Regardless of the final look and feel of the program, the main result of this program will be to bring making energy efficient upgrades to homes and businesses part of the common thought.

We can assure you of two things.

1) our program works and is one of the best designed courses for this type of work;
2) we have lobbyists in DC addressing this very issue to make sure our programs get included in any result from DC.

Also, regardless of what Washington does, you can be making a lot of money doing energy audits NOW!

The average homeowner can save $700 a year in energy expenses. So, there is no reason on earth to wait for Washington to eye-dropper out some funding. Even if the audit costs the homeowner $700 (which it doesn’t), that would be 100% investment into their energy future by paying for it out of their own pocket. If you wait for Washington, the homeowner may get a credit, they may get some of their expenses covered, but that will take at least 6 months for DC to move on it completely and another 6 months for the money to actually get to the homeowner. In that timeframe, they will have wasted another $700 paying for energy they didn’t need.

Denby Energy is well positioned to help you take advantage of this. Enroll today in one of our exclusive training programs. Click here for our exclusive home energy audit training programs

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