Marketing Your Energy Auditing Business

August 31, 2011

Marketing your energy auditing business will keep you at the top of your market. Here are some easy and proven ways that you can market your business.


* A key way to obtain new customers is to obtain referrals from other businesses. Build relationships with contractors in your area. Some examples of good business partners for you are: window and door installers, insulation companies, heating and cooling contractors, electricians, window tint installers, even plumbers. Try to make your network of referring organizations broad. These contractors can give out estimates to customers and then recommend that the customers contact you for an audit to see how much can be saved with new windows or doors, for example. To maintain your unbiased status, you should recommend a full course of action to those customers, which involves more than just new windows or doors, so it provides more information than you were referred to provide.
* You can work out a relationship where you pay a percentage or flat fee for these leads. Or you can just trade leads with your business partners, providing them with leads from your customers for work they could do. For example, if you complete an audit and recommend new doors, you could provide your customer with the name of one or two door installers.
* These relationships can help you build your business quickly and is a win/win for everyone.

* Educate your potential customer so they understand what your service is and how it can benefit them. A key reason why people often do not get an energy audit is because they do not understand what it is exactly AND they do not know how it can save them significant, long term money without an exurbanite expense. So, you should educate your potential customers. Once they are informed of how it works and the benefits, they are significantly more likely to engage you for the service.
* So find a place where you can host a free seminar to educate your potential customers. Contact your local library or community center to see if they offer free, or low cost, meeting rooms to be used by local businesses. If not, rent a small hall or meeting center to hold an energy audit seminar. You will spend a small amount of money on refreshments and advertising and maybe some door prizes, but you will end up ahead when the people understand what an energy audit is and how it will save them and become your clients. They will value the free information so they will trust and hire you AND talk about you to your friends at work the next day.

Radio or Newspaper
* Another great and inexpensive way to educate your potential customer is by utilizing your local radio stations, cable television, newspapers and magazines. Reach out to your local news providers and offer to be interviewed as a local business person whose work is helping the community, the environment and the customer save money in today’s bad poor economy. Local news providers often devote a small portion of their resources to helping local businesses that offer a beneficial service. You may even offer to do a regular informational program or weekly editorial column, in which you can talk or write about the benefits of an energy audit, and answer questions from the public.
* Again, people will value the fact that you are taking the time to educate them and trust you because of it. Once they understand what an energy audit is and how it will save them money, you will be the one they call.

Get Customer Referrals
* Provide incentives to your existing customers for referrals. Turn 1 new customer into 2. Ask your customers to give you the names of 5 people they know who would like to learn more about the benefits of energy audits. If you do not ask, you will not get and, if your customer was happy with your service, they will be happy to share a good service and have you educate their friends and relatives. These people can be the people you invite to your next free seminar.
Tell your customers that you are looking to expand your business and you want their help. Offer then an incentive for every person that they refer that turns into a customer for you. You can give them something simple like a $10 (or whatever amount) gift card to Home Depot (or whatever store you choose). This is something they will value and basically get for free and you will only have to give it when you have a new paying customer. When you let customers know you want their help, they are usually happy to provide it if you have provided them a good quality service they value.
* Remember, it is easier and less expensive for you to turn 1 existing customer into 2 than to find another new customer on your own, so find ways to entice your existing customers to give you good leads.

Charitable Organizations
* Carve out some time every month to give to a charitable organization. An energy auditing business is designed to help people save money on their energy bills so improve your company’s exposure to the public and associate your company’s name with being in the business of helping people by getting involved with charitable organizations. Some easy ways to do this is to become a consultant on energy efficient homes for the organizations that build homes for needy families. Or help a non-profit that collects winter clothing to distribute to families in the area as a reminder of how important managing heat energy can be. Remember, when you help others, you help yourself and you will feel good about it too.

Denby Can Provide You with the Best Energy Consultant Training in the Industry

October 1, 2010

Denby Can Provide You with the Best Energy Consultant Training in the Industry

Energy consultant training is becoming a popular choice for many individuals searching for a way to shift into a new, more lucrative career. Denby Energy has the experience to provide you with the best program available. We prepare our students with energy consultant training that is relevant and thorough. Complete the program ready to jump into your new, green career!

Convenient At Home Energy Consultant Training

It is more convenient than ever to begin energy consultant training with Denby. We offer interested individuals the opportunity to enroll in our home energy training program. You will receive just as detailed training, but can work through the material in the comfort of your home. Save on time and gas by working with one of our home energy audit training programs. Students have three energy consultant training programs to choose from. Each includes helpful learning tools and the material you need to move forward with your new career choice. At home the training still requires commitment and effort, but allows you to work around a busy schedule.

Take Steps Now to Improve Your Future

Energy consultant training is within reach. Stop putting off that much needed career change and begin bringing home a better income. Many families have trouble making ends meet, but our training program can help you achieve job security and a higher pay rate. We provide the material and the rest is up to you!

Work with a Program Backed by Experience

Every component used in Denby’s energy consultant training course is supported or created by the company founder, Michael Denby. Michael has LEED AP and Certified Energy Manager accreditation as well as extensive experience as an energy consultant. His expertise and personal experiences ensure that Denby’s training programs are held to high standards.

Begin the journey to a new career today. Energy Consultant Training could by your key to a more comfortable future and the job security so many people desperately seek. Let Denby Energy guide you and your family to a brighter future.