Marketing Your Energy Auditing Business

August 31, 2011

Marketing your energy auditing business will keep you at the top of your market. Here are some easy and proven ways that you can market your business.


* A key way to obtain new customers is to obtain referrals from other businesses. Build relationships with contractors in your area. Some examples of good business partners for you are: window and door installers, insulation companies, heating and cooling contractors, electricians, window tint installers, even plumbers. Try to make your network of referring organizations broad. These contractors can give out estimates to customers and then recommend that the customers contact you for an audit to see how much can be saved with new windows or doors, for example. To maintain your unbiased status, you should recommend a full course of action to those customers, which involves more than just new windows or doors, so it provides more information than you were referred to provide.
* You can work out a relationship where you pay a percentage or flat fee for these leads. Or you can just trade leads with your business partners, providing them with leads from your customers for work they could do. For example, if you complete an audit and recommend new doors, you could provide your customer with the name of one or two door installers.
* These relationships can help you build your business quickly and is a win/win for everyone.

* Educate your potential customer so they understand what your service is and how it can benefit them. A key reason why people often do not get an energy audit is because they do not understand what it is exactly AND they do not know how it can save them significant, long term money without an exurbanite expense. So, you should educate your potential customers. Once they are informed of how it works and the benefits, they are significantly more likely to engage you for the service.
* So find a place where you can host a free seminar to educate your potential customers. Contact your local library or community center to see if they offer free, or low cost, meeting rooms to be used by local businesses. If not, rent a small hall or meeting center to hold an energy audit seminar. You will spend a small amount of money on refreshments and advertising and maybe some door prizes, but you will end up ahead when the people understand what an energy audit is and how it will save them and become your clients. They will value the free information so they will trust and hire you AND talk about you to your friends at work the next day.

Radio or Newspaper
* Another great and inexpensive way to educate your potential customer is by utilizing your local radio stations, cable television, newspapers and magazines. Reach out to your local news providers and offer to be interviewed as a local business person whose work is helping the community, the environment and the customer save money in today’s bad poor economy. Local news providers often devote a small portion of their resources to helping local businesses that offer a beneficial service. You may even offer to do a regular informational program or weekly editorial column, in which you can talk or write about the benefits of an energy audit, and answer questions from the public.
* Again, people will value the fact that you are taking the time to educate them and trust you because of it. Once they understand what an energy audit is and how it will save them money, you will be the one they call.

Get Customer Referrals
* Provide incentives to your existing customers for referrals. Turn 1 new customer into 2. Ask your customers to give you the names of 5 people they know who would like to learn more about the benefits of energy audits. If you do not ask, you will not get and, if your customer was happy with your service, they will be happy to share a good service and have you educate their friends and relatives. These people can be the people you invite to your next free seminar.
Tell your customers that you are looking to expand your business and you want their help. Offer then an incentive for every person that they refer that turns into a customer for you. You can give them something simple like a $10 (or whatever amount) gift card to Home Depot (or whatever store you choose). This is something they will value and basically get for free and you will only have to give it when you have a new paying customer. When you let customers know you want their help, they are usually happy to provide it if you have provided them a good quality service they value.
* Remember, it is easier and less expensive for you to turn 1 existing customer into 2 than to find another new customer on your own, so find ways to entice your existing customers to give you good leads.

Charitable Organizations
* Carve out some time every month to give to a charitable organization. An energy auditing business is designed to help people save money on their energy bills so improve your company’s exposure to the public and associate your company’s name with being in the business of helping people by getting involved with charitable organizations. Some easy ways to do this is to become a consultant on energy efficient homes for the organizations that build homes for needy families. Or help a non-profit that collects winter clothing to distribute to families in the area as a reminder of how important managing heat energy can be. Remember, when you help others, you help yourself and you will feel good about it too.

Energy Audit Career for 2011

April 13, 2011

Being An Energy Consultant Is The Best New Career For 2011

According to recent articles by Yahoo!Hotjobs, Time Magazine, and others there is one area that is poised for significant growth during 2009-2010 recession because it is eco-friendly and in such demand by companies looking to cut down on their energy costs. The best new career for you to have right now is an Energy Auditor.

That’s right! You can gain stability in your life by switching careers into the hottest most in-demand new career there is. The great thing about this new career is that it fits exactly into President Obama’s energy saving stimulus program. Now is the perfect time to become an Energy Auditor and make money by helping companies reduce wasted energy!

Why Denby Energy?

  1. Originally Written By Experienced Energy Auditors. No copy paste.
    Our materials are written, crafted and developed by actual energy auditors who have the experience, the knowledge and the insight to create working solutions for home and businesses.
  2. Tried, Tested and Proven Materials
    Our materials have been tried, tested and proven.
  3. Ready to work programs
    Our prorams are ready-to-work programs that provide you the essentials you need to get started right
  4. Business Startup Essentials
    Our materials are not only teach you the fundamental of energy savings, but also including business startup essentials so that you can get started in your business fast and accurately
  5. Home Energy Audit Certification Exam (National Energy and Sustainability Institute). Not common completion certificate.
    Our comprehensive training program includes a certification with the National Energy and Sustainability institute pursuant to their approved Home Energy Audit Certification Exam. Not common ‘completion’ certificate.
  6. Denby Energy Named Approved Education Provider for USGBC-LEED Continuing Education
    We are the only home and commercial Certified Energy Auditor program to have met the US Green Building Council (USGBC) program requirements and approved for use as LEED continuing education credit courses (Professional Credentialing Maintenance). By joining one of our training program you are now eligible for continuing education credits for LEED professionals.
  7. 60-day Guarantees
    We offer 2 absolute, 60-day guarantees with our Denby Energy programs:
    #1. Make Money Guarantee
    #2. 100% Accuracy
    Read the reason why does Denby Energy offer such a strong guarantee
  8. A BBB Accredited business since July 9, 2009
    Denby Energy commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Get Started in Energy Auditing Now!

All our packages are designed to get you started in your new career, They are not theory courses, but instead give you tools you need to get trained, get certified and start making money saving energy.

Each package contains additional materials that can increase your ability to get your business running.

Energy Consultants

April 13, 2011

Denby Energy Consultants

There has never been a better time to become a Denby Energy Consultant. Every certified Denby consultant enjoys the freedom and flexibility of working from home, spending more time with their kids and family, and the financial benefits of working in a high-demand, high-paying profession.

What Others Are Saying About Energy Audits and Energy Careers

According to recent articles by Yahoo! HotJobs, Time Magazine, and others there is one area that is poised for significant growth during the 2009 recession because it is eco-friendly and in such demand by companies looking to cut down on their energy costs. The best new career for you to have right now is as an Energy Consultant.

That’s right! You can gain stability in your life by switching careers into the hottest most in-demand new career there is. The great thing about this new career is that it fits exactly into President Obama’s energy saving stimulus program. Now is the perfect time to become an Energy Auditor and make money by helping companies reduce wasted energy!

Energy Consulting Is a Secret Ready To Explode!

Energy auditing has been around since the 1970’s and has long been recognized as one of the fastest emerging green markets in the country with the number of eco-friendly initiatives constantly growing. In fact, Time Magazine made it abundantly clear in its 12/31/08 Cover Story “America’s Untapped Energy Resource: Boosting Efficiency” that energy efficiency can have dramatic results. “It has astounding potential to reduce the carbon emissions that threaten our planet, the dependence on foreign oil that threatens our security and the energy costs that threaten our wallets.” And most importantly, “It isn’t what-if like hydrogen, clean coal and tidal power; it’s already proven to be workable, scalable and cost-effective.“

Energy Consultants are “In High Demand” during the 2009 Recession

There is no better time to start a career as an Energy Auditor. With over 5 million small to medium sized businesses in the USA alone looking to cut their costs, you are exactly what they are looking for and need. Unlike almost every other industry, instead of having to make cold calls to sell your product or service you will enjoy the luxury of being a solution to people’s problems. Our exclusive marketing program teaches you exactly how to get clients and jump-start your business.

What makes the Denby Energy Consultant program so unique is that you are trained to conduct audits and also how to start your own business. There is no other program like this anywhere that lets you own your own Energy Business just by completing three easy steps:

Home Energy Consultants

Denby provides a complete Home Energy training, certification, and business start-up program. This program will teach you everything you need to know to conduct energy audits in residences. It also teaches you exactly how to start your own business and provides you with all the tools you need to go out and start conducting audits right away!

Learn More » Home Energy Consultant

Commercial Energy Consultants

Denby provides a complete Commercial Energy training, certification, and business start-up program. This program will teach you everything you need to know to conduct energy audits in commercial and small business facilities. It also teaches you exactly how to start your own business and provides you with all the tools you need to go out and start conducting audits right away!

Learn More » Commercial Energy Consultant

Become An Energy Auditor

April 13, 2011

Become an Energy Auditor

Denby Energy is a leader in online learning; teaching people how to make money by helping homeowners and businesses save energy and money. If you are looking for a new career saving energy, developed by an energy expert, and proven to generate a strong income in a down market, this is the perfect career opportunity for you!

No Experience Necessary

  1. We’ll teach you what you need to know. Most importantly … how to do an audit and how to get out there and start making money saving energy
  2. All you need is a strong desire to make a difference AND our specialized Training Program
  3. In as little as 2 weeks you can have a new Career!

The Perfect Career Change

  1. Work part-time or full-time
  2. Get into a business model that thrives in a down economy
  3. Make money saving homeowners and businesses money
  4. You can easily start with your friends and neighbors and build your business from their referrals
  5. The perfect business that allows you to make money, save clients money, and have a real, tangible impact on the environment

Getting Started – Easy as 1,2,3

  • Step 1: Study & Complete the Energy Audit Training Program
  • Step 2: Pass the Denby Certification Examination
  • Step 3: Setup & Market Your New Energy Auditing Business

Click to learn more about our Home Energy Audit Training program.
Click to learn more about our Commercial Energy Audit Training program.

Top Reasons To Get Started Now!

There are so many business opportunities available to you right now. Here is a short list of what I believe makes this business unique from everything else you will find:

  • Selling Is Easy – No Cold Calling Required
  • Flexibility – You can work Part-Time or Full-Time from Home
  • Recession Proof – Business Actually Thrives in a Down Economy
  • Quick Start – Be Up And Running In About 2 Weeks
  • Turn Key – Learn Energy Auditing PLUS Business Start Up
  • Untapped Market – There are millions of homes and businesses that need energy audits

Ready To Take The First Step?

You can take the first step to owning your own energy company right now. Just purchase the Energy Training program to get started. Remember there is no experience necessary in order to become a Denby Energy Consultant. So you can purchase your Energy training program and get started now!

Learn More » Home Energy Program

Learn More »
Commercial Energy Audit Training

Become A Certified Energy Auditor

April 13, 2011

Become A Certified Energy Auditor

Make your professional mark by showing that you are a Certified Energy Auditor. The Denby Certification program is a complete test program – with 128 focused questions that test the applicant’s knowledge and training. The Denby Energy Certification is designed to reinforce the audit training, economics of energy and how to start and run your own business as specifically set forth in the exclusive Denby Energy Program. This is the only program of its kind available and the Certification is held to the highest standards.

Denby Energy Auditor Certification Testing

After you have purchased the Denby Energy Program you will be eligible to become a Denby Energy Certified Auditor by taking the certification test. To apply for the test you must: 1) have purchased the Denby Energy Program; and 2) pay the $200 testing fee. You can take the certification test a maximum of 2 times per month, with a $30 re-test fee. The examination fee covers the cost of having your test personally graded by a Denby Energy Professor. When you successfully pass the exam, you will receive the prestigious Denby Energy Certified Energy Auditor certificate. You will be able to use this certification on your business cards and promotional materials. Certified Energy Auditor

Prestigious Denby Seal of Certification

Denby Certification Seal Once you have successfully passed the Denby Energy Auditor written examination, you will receive your very own Certificate of Completion. You can then take this certification with you and present it to potential clients to ensure them you are certified as an Energy Auditor and will save them money based on the in-depth energy analysis training you have received in the program.

Benefits of Being a Certified Energy Auditor

Denby graduates enjoy career flexibility that allows them to work from home and earn a lucrative income while helping local companies to save money on their energy bills. Here are some of the best parts about the Denby Energy Auditor Certification Program:

  • Confidence- By taking and passing the Certification test you will quickly learn how much you know and how easy it is to make money saving energy.
  • Reputation- With the prestigious Energy Auditor Certificate you will establish a reputation as a true professional.
  • Professionalism- Anyone can download training materials. Only those with the professionalism to take their career to the next level will take and pass the Certified Energy Auditor Exam.

Save 50% off the Certified Auditor Program

The Denby Energy Program is currently being offered at a reduced rate. We want to do our part to help everyone that has been laid off, downsized, or simply struggling to make ends meet during these tough economic times. In an effort to help we are reducing the original $200 cost for our Professional Certification to $97 (a 50% savings).

Get Certified as an Energy Professional Today for $97.00

Online Payment Service


April 13, 2011

How can you benefit from the Cash for Caulkers Stimulus Money?

(Hint: Become a Professional Energy Auditor)

Cash for Caulkers Program at Denby

On December 8, 2009 President Obama proposed a new program that has come to be labeled “Cash for Caulkers”.

What we know about the program to date:

That there is a combined effort to use this program: 1) To create jobs for out of work construction workers; 2) To stimulate energy efficiency; 3) To provide that the contractors are properly trained and licensed.

Date of action: To run a program like this the President first needs funding. Currently he is proposing that Congress take action to pass a spending bill that will provide for funding. There is no indication that Congress will have the time or desire to address this before year’s end.

Type of Payments: The proposed plans currently have a number of different payment structures, direct payment to the contractor, payment to the homeowner, payment to Home Depot and Lowes, etc. So far, none of these have been finalized and it does not look like this aspect has been completely fleshed out by the administration or Congress.

When will I be able to do audits under this program? No time frame has been set for the program to start.

What does this program really mean? The funding number that is being tossed around is $12 billion in funding, or an estimated $12,000 per home, with a cap of 1 million homes. This creates a lot of questions. Such as what is going to happen with the other 129 million homes in the United States when the $12 billion is gone? Is it going to be a first-come-first serve program?

Does this program apply to the 5 million small businesses out there that need energy audits? No. This program is 100% focused on homes. Take advantage of this incredibly lucrative and relatively untapped market with the Denby Energy Commercial auditor training program. click here to learn more about our exclusive Commercial Energy Auditor Training

What can I be doing to prepare for a career that takes advantage of this program? The first thing you can do is get certified as a Denby Energy auditor. Regardless of the final look and feel of the program, the main result of this program will be to bring making energy efficient upgrades to homes and businesses part of the common thought.

We can assure you of two things.

1) our program works and is one of the best designed courses for this type of work;
2) we have lobbyists in DC addressing this very issue to make sure our programs get included in any result from DC.

Also, regardless of what Washington does, you can be making a lot of money doing energy audits NOW!

The average homeowner can save $700 a year in energy expenses. So, there is no reason on earth to wait for Washington to eye-dropper out some funding. Even if the audit costs the homeowner $700 (which it doesn’t), that would be 100% investment into their energy future by paying for it out of their own pocket. If you wait for Washington, the homeowner may get a credit, they may get some of their expenses covered, but that will take at least 6 months for DC to move on it completely and another 6 months for the money to actually get to the homeowner. In that timeframe, they will have wasted another $700 paying for energy they didn’t need.

Denby Energy is well positioned to help you take advantage of this. Enroll today in one of our exclusive training programs. Click here for our exclusive home energy audit training programs

We have put together our three most popular Home Energy Auditor Packages to make getting started in your new career a snap. Click on each program to learn more about the materials included.

What is Energy Efficiency Training?

November 2, 2010

What is Energy Efficiency Training and Why Do You Need It?

Energy efficiency training is fast becoming a popular choice for many people searching for a new career. Demand for individuals with this type of expertise is growing quickly. If you have been considering a career change, then energy efficiency training could be your best option. Many people are hungry for jobs and income has gone down in many areas. You can expand your capabilities and earning potential through energy efficiency training.

What is Energy Efficiency Training?

Many companies around the world are working hard to go green. That means finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Companies are seeking effective ways to become more “green”?  One of the quickest ways to get “green” is to become energy efficient.   Energy efficiency is achieved by identify and fixing the wasted energy consumption in the company.  This can be doing things like replacing windows, upgrading the AC Unit, sealing doors, using GoTo Meeting, etc.

Companies are looking for energy consultants that know how to measure, analyze and report on their energy efficiency. They want someone who can make suggestions and recommendations, who knows how to evaluate their operations. Energy efficiency training can prepare you for such a position. Through this training, you can become a certified energy auditor and provide businesses with information and feedback on their progress.

Why Should You Sign Up For Energy Efficiency Training?

With so many companies working towards greener operation, energy efficiency training has become a very valuable commodity. If you have the knowledge, you can tap into this growing market of jobs. Many energy auditors work independently and take greater control over their career, just by completing energy efficiency training.

There is another benefit to energy efficiency training. While you are expanding your professional potential and tapping into a large job market, you will also be doing something good for the Earth. Many people decide to take energy efficiency training so they can help businesses work in harmony with the environment. Through your advice and guidance, these companies will learn how to run greener. The result will be a cleaner environment and a healthier world in general. Energy efficiency training is just the first step in playing a part in the effort to clean up the world.

Denby Energy Can Open Up Green Job Opportunities for You

October 12, 2010

Denby Energy Can Open Up Green Job Opportunities for You

There are many green job opportunities out there, if you have the skills companies want and need. Denby Energy can help you expand your potential and switch into a career that is not only profitable, but fulfilling. You can help improve the way businesses operate and take advantage of the many green job opportunities that are opening up all over the country.

What is a Green Job Opportunity?

Green job opportunities refer to positions that are needed to ensure that a company is operating in harmony with the environment. Just because a business is not in the “green” industry specifically doesn’t mean they have no need for someone with this type of skill. In fact, many businesses in a wide range of industries are opening up green job opportunities every day. As more and more companies strive to operate to environmentally friendly standards, even more green job opportunities will appear.

How Can You Increase Income Through Green Job Opportunities?

When you invest time into a program such as the one offered by Denby Energy, you can begin searching for green job opportunities that can improve your money making potential. This specialized energy audit training will put you in a desirable position in the eyes of many employers. Not everyone has the skills to be considered for green job opportunities, so you will already have a leg up on the competition.

Why Choose Denby Energy?

Denby Energy provides you with a program designed by an industry insider. All material presented is created or supported by the founder, and put together by members of Denby. When you have thorough, relevant training, the green job opportunities will be even more profitable. Companies want someone who knows what they are doing, and Denby can prepare you for taking on that role!

Job security is a concern for many employees today. No matter what industry you are currently in, opening yourself up to green job opportunities can help ensure you remain employed and bringing home an income. A strong focus has been placed on the environment, and companies need professionals that can help them operate cleaner and greener!

10 Reasons to become an Energy Auditor

September 8, 2010

10 Reasons to become an Energy Auditor

Recession-proof your career by getting training in the “Green Collar” job market. Green jobs are on the rise as the business world responds to dramatic increases in energy costs and environmental regulations.  One of the fastest growing “green” occupations is a Certified Energy Auditor.  This career is poised for significant growth well into the future mainly because it is eco-friendly and in demand by companies and home owners looking to cut down on wasted energy.

Listed below are 10 Reasons to become a Certified Energy Auditor

#1 In Demand Occupation – Energy Auditors are in high-demand. Time Magazine lists an Energy Auditor is one of the hottest new careers. Allowing you to start your own business or join and existing company part-time.

#2 No prior experience required – With training programs such as Denby Energy Auditor cetification training you can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Denby Energy offers both commercial and residential auditor training. Everything you need to meet and succeed in this highly lucrative field.

#3 Easy to get started – Many energy training courses are done on-line so you can start and finish at your own pace while in the comfort of your own home. Most training can be completed in about 2 weeks.

#4 Low up front costs - Energy training is affordable. Plus you can complete the training while you still have your current job.

#5 Be your own Boss – If you are ready to be your own boss, starting your own Energy Auditor business will give you the opportunity to work for yourself.

#6 Make your own schedule. As an energy auditor you can work full or part-time or anywhere in-between. Schedule your appointments when it’s convenient for you.

#7 No hard-core sales – An energy auditors goal is to save the client money by reducing current energy consumption. You are not asking a client to spend more kmoney, just save more.  You are providing a service that people want, so you can generate a lot of referral business.

#8 Eco-Friendly – Help the environment and lead the revolution with this green collar job. Plus you’ll help customers be at the cutting edge of the president’s energy stimulus program.

#9 Recession Proof – Choose a new career that doesn’t falter when the economy does. Clients will always be willing to save money, whether or not we are in a recession.  Finding new ways to save energy or help customers install more energy efficient tools will continue to be in demand in this new green economy.

#10 High Income Potential - Gain the income stability you deserve by switching employment into the hottest most in-demand new career.  As an energy auditor you set your price for services and can also provide many other related services to home owners.  If you already provide existing services get certified as an energy auditor can help increase your service business revenue.

Now is the time to get going and check out an Energy Auditor Training Program. Be trained and positioned for success in this growing job market. Revitalize your career today!

Why Should You Get an Energy Auditor Certification?

August 11, 2010

Why Should You Get an Energy Auditor Certification?

If you haven’t considered earning an energy auditor certification, it may be time to consider the benefits of a green career move. Job security is very important today, and Denby Energy offers a program that can help ensure the security you want. Energy auditor certification can help you secure a lucrative position working with home owners, businesses and corporations in your local area. Before making the big career change, learn how an energy auditor certification can improve your marketability and help you stay employed.

Energy Audit TrainingCommercial AuditMany businesses are now looking for a greener way of operating. With many people concerned about global climate change, those working in eco-related professions are in high demand. An energy auditor certification from Denby Energy will rank you higher as a desirable energy consultant for many companies.

In order to run as green as possible, companies turn to energy auditors for information on what needs updated and how to do it. Your energy auditor certification will give you the skills necessary to perform these consultations and help businesses decrease energy consumption. Not only will you be making money in a high demand field, but you will also be encouraging others to lower their impact on the planet.

The energy auditor certification program offered by Denby Energy is not your ordinary energy training. Students receive an official NEASI commercial energy auditor certification as well as eligibility for continuing education credits through USGBC-LEED. Denby Energy’s energy auditor certification program is created by skilled professionals in the field and certified by the National Energy and Sustainability Institute.

Denby Energy also offers two guarantees with its energy auditor certification program. Students are provided a 60 day make money guarantee as well as a 100% accuracy guarantee. This all comes standard as a part of Denby Energy’s commitment to improving energy usage and providing students with a quality energy auditor certification program that prepares them for a profitable and fulfilling career. If you are considering a career change, then learn more about how an energy auditor certification from Denby Energy can dramatically increase your marketability, income, and job stability.

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