Energy Auditor Success Story

July 28, 2010

Energy Auditor Success Story

Are you contemplating becoming an Energy Auditor, but are not sure how the training will apply to your current service profession? Or maybe you are thinking about starting you own energy consulting business, and want to know what results you can expect from applying the principles in the Denby Energy program? If this sounds like you then you might be interested in the case study below on Bob Dame and his business, Energy Resource Group.

Certified Denby Energy Auditor

Bob Dame is the founder and President of Energy Resource Group. Energy Resource Group used Denby Energy Training programs to launch their energy audit business. About 15 months ago Bob completed Denby Energy’s Home and Commercial Energy Auditing Training course and has been using what he learned to acquire new business ever since.

Path to Success



Bob Dame started Energy Resource Group in March 2008 and was turning a profit by December 2008. He currently has 11 associates in the field performing audits and looking for new business. Bob attributes much of his success to hard work and the skills he obtained in the Denby Energy Auditor training program.

Here are some facts about Energy Resource Group, since completing the Denby auditor training:

  1. ERG focuses on reducing our clients’ energy consumption needs by focusing on:
    1. Energy Efficient Lighting
    2. Renewable Energy Sources
    3. Operations Energy Analysis
  2. Over the last 14 months of the company’s existence, ERG has already reduced its client’s energy usage by 3.5 million kilowatt, saving them $360,000.
  3. The gross cost of these projects was $687,000, of which the utility companies paid $471,000 in rebates leaving a net cost of only $216,000, meaning that 69% of the projects’ costs were covered by the utility companies.
  4. The average ROI (return on investment) for our clients is only 7 months.
  5. ERG saves their clients an average of 25%-30% on the energy costs.
  6. The company became profitable from start up in only 8 months.
  7. ERG is currently working on major energy reduction projects with:
    1. Shell Oil
    2. Fuji Film
    3. Palm Lane Elementary School
    4. Standard Renewable Energy
    5. The City of Scottsdale

How about some specific examples

Tucson Community School

A project of which ERG is particularly proud is the Tucson Community School. While this was not the largest project ERG has done, it is close to their collective hearts as the School was established in 1948 and has produced many prominent civic leaders.

  1. The project is expected to pay for itself in only 27 months, after which the school will be saving nearly $1,500 a year which in today’s tough economic situation and many schools facing closure or layoffs, is a great deal of money.
Energy Audit Numbers

Energy Audit Numbers

Lamb’s Christian School

Another school ERG helped to reduce cost with was Lamb’s Christian School. This project paid for itself in only 13 months, after which the school would save $14,314 a year. That is a staff member that keeps their job.

Lamb Christian School

Lamb Christian School

Jewish Community Center

A project completed for a Jewish Community Center with an 18-month return on investment and an annual savings of $10,702 per year.

Rosemont Copper Mine

ERG is also currently working with Rosemont Copper Mine to develop a conceptual design for a 1mW (Mega Watt) solar array. The solution proposed and run by ERG was to issue 5, $100,000 grants to develop 5 different systems and run each side by side for a year. After the year of observation is up, ERG will select one or more technologies to develop for the 1mW array.

Here is footage of the development site:

ERG is also working on a 30kW roof mount system for Rosemont copper mine to help them meet LEED accreditation (LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system) standards for their administration buildings.

Long term, ERG will help the Rosemont Copper Mines to meet ACC mandates that 15% of all Arizona energy needs come from a renewable source by 2025. In practical terms this means that they will have 75mW of their constant 108mW load come from renewable sources.

To quote Bob Dame, “Bottom line….I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!”

Are you ready to take control of your life and start an Energy based business like Bob? If so take the first step and get started today by ordering our proprietary Denby Energy Auditor Training course. Our courses don’t just teach theory, they teach you how to get our the door and start making money saving energy. Visit Denby Energy today and get trained and started with your energy auditor business in less than 2 weeks.

Energy Auditor Sales and Marketing

July 20, 2010

How do you make money as an Energy Auditor.

You’ve made the first move. You are thinking of becoming an Energy Auditor and you are researching different training programs. How do you find the right energy auditor training program and, more importantly, how do you take what you’ve learned in the program and apply that to making money. Not only is it important to get the right technical training and certification, but you also need a comprehensive program that helps you to develop the Sales and Marketing aspects as well. The Denby Energy Auditor Program not only teaches you how to do an effective Energy Audit, but it also supplies you with a full Energy Auditor Sales & Marketing program. And this comprises not just ideas, but actual examples of Marketing Materials that you can use, and you can simply add your company’s name, address and phone number too.

Maybe you’ve researched other businesses before and have even gone through their training. Yet, the questions remain, how and where do you find customers. The Denby Energy Auditor Program breaks down your training, either commercial or residential, into individual modules. Each module focuses on a core aspect of being an Energy Auditor. One of these modules focuses on selling yourself as an Energy Auditor and then offers real life sales and marketing examples that are geared solely towards the Energy Auditor Business sector. It does not teach you Sales 101, but it does show you how to get out the door and start making money as an Energy Auditor.

Are energy training programs are designed to train you and get you out into the field making money and helping home and business owners save money on energy costs.

Energy Auditor Training Courses: The Key to your Next Big Career Move

July 19, 2010

Energy Auditor Training Courses: The Key to your Next Big Career Move

Did you know that energy auditor training courses offered by Denby Energy could be the key to your next profitable career move? Right now, families and companies are moving in a greener direction. With a focus on eco-friendly updates and modifications, energy auditor training courses are proving extremely lucrative for those who have made the change.

Although many other industries have been suffering, eco-friendly careers have been thriving. Through Denby’s energy auditor training courses, you can learn how to evaluate a structure’s current environmental status and offer suggestions for improvement.

Why take energy auditor training courses through Denby Energy? Not only will you gain a valuable skill that is currently in demand, but you will also be helping businesses learn how to operate more effectively without harming the environment. The benefits are many: you will be playing a positive role through what you learned in energy auditor training courses while also earning a lucrative income.

The government-issued stimulus incentive has encouraged many companies to turn to eco advisers for assistance. By signing up for energy auditor training courses now, you can quickly work through the training and get involved. The need for this type of professional is only increasing, which helps provide stability while many other career choices are struggling. Energy auditor training courses can make a huge difference in your marketability and career-related flexibility.

The energy auditor training courses offered through Denby Energy are written by seasoned auditors with extensive experience in the field. The material has been tested with proven accuracy. These are ready to work energy auditor training courses. That means you can get started with your new career as soon as you are done. Students who successfully complete Denby’s energy auditor training courses earn an official home energy auditor certification.

Get involved in a career that offers stability and flexibility through Denby’s energy auditor training courses. Prepare for your future while helping businesses lower their impact on the Earth. You can help companies change for the better by enrolling in Denby’s energy auditor training courses.

The Rise of Green Careers

July 13, 2010

The Rise of Green Careers

With the growing concern over environment issues such as global climate change and the BP oil spill, there has been a rise in the number of green jobs.  While there are many ways we can all work to help improve environmental quality.  One of the best ways to take advantage of these expanding career opportunities is to seek new training and education.  This is why we at Denby created our Energy Audit Training programs.  We recommend getting started with an energy audit certification.

There are many options available for you when seeking energy training and specifically energy audit training through study guides, online classrooms and other methods. There are several things that one should look for when applying for energy audit training. The training facility should be well reputed and must have a good track record of producing energy audit certification holders. The energy certification should be certified by a nationally recognized organization. To learn more about why Denby Energy provides the best solution for energy audit training please read this article that describes the different energy audit training options.

Best New Career For 2010 Revealed!

March 11, 2009

Being an Energy Consultant Is The Best New Career For 2010

According to recent articles by Yahoo! HotJobs, Time Magazine, and others there is one area that is poised for significant growth during the 2009-2010 recession because it is eco-friendly and in such demand by companies looking to cut down on their energy costs. The best new career for you to have right now is as an Energy Auditor.

That’s right! You can gain stability in your life by switching careers into the hottest most in-demand new career there is. The great thing about this new career is that it fits exactly into President Obama’s energy saving stimulus program. Now is the perfect time to become an Energy Auditor and make money by helping companies reduce wasted energy!

Energy Auditing Is a Secret Ready To Explode!

Energy auditing has been around since the 1970’s and has long been recognized as one of the fastest emerging green markets in the country with the number of eco-friendly initiatives constantly growing. In fact, Time Magazine made it abundantly clear in its 12/31/08 Cover Story “America’s Untapped Energy Resource: Boosting Efficiency” that energy efficiency can have dramatic results. “It has astounding potential to reduce the carbon emissions that threaten our planet, the dependence on foreign oil that threatens our security and the energy costs that threaten our wallets.” And most importantly, “It isn’t what-if like hydrogen, clean coal and tidal power; it’s already proven to be workable, scalable and cost-effective.“

Energy Consultants are “In High Demand” during the 2009-2010 Recession

There is no better time to start a career as an Energy Auditor. With over 5 million small to medium sized businesses in the USA alone looking to cut their costs, you are exactly what they are looking for and need. Unlike almost every other industry, instead of having to make cold calls to sell your product or service you will enjoy the luxury of being a solution to people’s problems. Our exclusive marketing program teaches you exactly how to get clients and jump-start your business.

The Perfect Career Change

  1. Work part-time or full-time
  2. Get into a business model that thrives in a down economy
  3. Make money saving businesses money
  4. There are over 5 million small and medium sized businesses in the US alone that need help
  5. The perfect business that allows you to make money, save clients money, and have a real, tangible impact on the environment

Start Your New Energy Career In Just 2 Weeks!

Denby Energy is the leader in online learning, teaching people how to make money by helping businesses save energy. The Denby Energy Auditor training program will allow you to create your own work from home business with no previous experience, no cold calling, and no risks. The best part is you can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.

Click to learn more about our Energy Auditor Training program.

What makes the Denby Energy Auditor program so unique is that you are trained to conduct audits and also how to start your own business. There is no other program like this anywhere that lets you own your own Energy Audit Business just by completing three easy steps:

Getting Started – Easy as 1,2,3

  • Step 1: Study & Complete the Auditor Training Program
  • Step 2: Pass the Denby Auditor Exam and Become Certified
  • Step 3: Setup & Market Your New Energy Auditing Business

Click to learn more about our Energy Auditor Training program.

Top Reasons To Get Started Now!

There are so many business opportunities available to you right now. Here is a short list of what I believe makes this business unique from everything else you will find:

  • Selling Is Easy – No Cold Calling Required
  • Flexibility – You can work Part-Time or Full-Time from Home
  • Recession Proof – Business Actually Thrives in a Down Economy
  • Quick Start – Be Up And Running In About 2 Weeks
  • Turn Key – Learn Energy Auditing PLUS Business Start Up
  • Untapped Market – There are millions of companies that need help

Want To Learn More?

Get your FREE copy of our Energy Primer that explains the entire Energy Auditing field to learn all the benefits you will receive when you start your own Energy business today!

Get Your Energy Auditor Program Primer ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Denby Energy Making Energy Auditing Easy

February 13, 2009

Denby Energy Making Energy Auditing Easy

Michael Denby sat down with by Sterling D. Allan of Pure Energy Systems News for a 45 minute interview about the Energy Auditing business he created.

Download Interview (10 Mb file size; mp3 audio format; 45 minute duration)

After seeing how easy it is to do energy audits that can help businesses save a lot of money on energy, attorney, Michael Denby set up an online training program to instruct others how to embark on this as a career.

For Michael Denby, being an attorney and doing a few limited things regarding the environment and energy wasn’t enough.  He wanted to get more involved.

He began doing research into energy auditing, and it began to occur to him that this is something he could do, even though he doesn’t have any engineering or other professional training in this field.

There were so many simple things that a business could do to make small changes toward efficiency that would make a large difference in their energy usage.  In many cases, the changes not only save money but increase retail environment quality. For example, has fluorescent lighting products that use half the amount of energy while putting out twice as many lumens in light, and the cost per fixture is comparable to regular bulbs.

It’s a daunting task for each company individually to learn what they need to know, source the best solutions, secure wholesale vendor relations to implement these energy saving measures.  That’s why an energy audit professional can be of great assistance to a business.

Denby’s first shot at doing an energy audit was with an auto part store.  He was amazed at how easy it was and how much a difference it made.  His next audit try was with a multi-unit business complex.  Again, he was pleased with how great a change he was able to bring about there.

Denby’s approach is quite simple.  He approaches the business and offers to do a free audit.  All he wants is a share from the energy savings the business will realize once they implement his recommendations.  Instead of paying that saved portion to the power company, the company pays some of it to him and keeps the rests in reduced expenses.

“It’s the 80:20 Rule: Eighty percent of your improvements can come from twenty percent effort on the most basic, easy-to-implement things.”  It’s that remaining 20% that requires the more sophisticated knowledge and equipment.  Denby’s approach has been to focus on that first 80% that is relatively easy, and not bother with the last 20%, which requires 80% of the effort.

After doing his first two audits, and realizing how simple this was, he came on the idea of building an online training program to teach others how to do this.

He estimates that a person could earn between $70,000 and $180,000 in their first year of doing this, working full time.

Half of the training pertains to the knowledge and resources needed to do the audits.  The other half of the training pertains to incorporating a business, and tips on how to run the business.  That’s where his expertise as an attorney comes in handy.

In all, the program costs $499 USD and is comprised of a zip file containing over 20 separate documents including 7 training modules, 2 contract templates, 5 audit templates and materials, 6 spreadsheets, and additional materials.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I need to mention that we at PES Network have established an affiliate relationship with Denby so that we get a commission from referrals made to his training program.

While that may seem like a lot of money, look at it this way.  If you were going to hire someone to do the preliminary research needed to go into this business, how much would you spend to glean the information needed to 1) do the auditing, 2) start up your business?  It would be a lot more than $500.  At least ten times that, if not more.

Energy Efficiency is a Profit Center For Your Business

February 13, 2009

Energy Efficiency is a Profit Center For Your Business

Don’t think of energy efficiency as Savings… Think of it as Profits.

Saving businesses money by reducing energy use has significant rewards, but they are often overlooked in favor of more immediate, tangible returns. One of the overlooked benefits of energy savings programs is that they rarely have a one year return, but instead generate bottom line profits year after year.

Often company executives are in the dark when it comes to understanding the amount of money they actually pay for energy. They know with great certainty exactly how much they pay for each component that is used to create the widgets they sell, but they don’t know how much power their buildings and processes consume. And that is a significant gap in their business model.

This article shows how, by investing in energy savings, a business can make significant returns to the bottom line, year after year.

For purposes of this article, let’s assume that you own a small business with average energy bill of approximately $15,000 a year. If your business could reduce that energy bill by 30% by investing $4,000 in energy efficiency would it be worth it?

First, let’s look at the simple payback method. At $15,000 a year, a 30% savings would generate $4,500 in yearly savings. And if you were spending $4,000 to get that energy savings, you would have a simple payback period of .88 years, or about 10 and ½ months. For virtually all businesses, that is a very acceptable return on investment.

Second, let’s look beyond the simple payback method. Let’s look at the investment return over the life of the investment and see what it can do for us. For simplicity, let’s assume that the investments made to increase energy efficiency had a life of 7 years. The initial investment would have been paid off in 10 ½ months, but the benefit (profits) from that investment (returns) continue for the next 7 years. That means after the first year, the business will have 6 more years of those improvements generating a $4,500 return each and every year. The result?

Well since this is a Series question we input $4,500 a year as our “A”, with 6 years as our “n” and 5% as our “i”. The answer comes out to $30,608.55 in total returns(profits) over those 7 years.

Now, let’s look at one alternative – instead of investing back into their business, the owner takes that $4,000 as a payout and puts it into her retirement account. For purposes of this example, let’s assume her retirement account is earning a really strong return of 10% (despite the economic turndown). The $4,000 is a one-time investment, so it runs as a Single Sum Series. After 7 years she would have a total of $7,794. That means she would have left $22,814 on the table. Or better defined, she would have paid the local utility companies $22,814 more than she paid herself for the privilege of wasting energy.

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