Commercial Energy Audit Training


Wide-Open Market!

Commericial Energy Audit Training is your ticket to success.

With more than 30 million small businesses in the United States alone, looking to increase their bottom line, the customer base is almost endless. And the real secret is most energy auditors focus on the home instead. So start your Commercial Energy Audit Training today.

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Commercial Energy Audit Training Is The Place To Be

Help businesses save money by reducing wasted energy. Commercial energy audit training will train you to target commercial businesses, for example: the 7-11 down the street; the corner pizza store; a warehouse; a retail outlet; an office building; a strip mall, etc. There are 3 things that make Commercial Energy Audit Training the place to be:
1) Untapped Market – the vast majority of auditors out there focus their efforts only on Home Energy Audit Training, ignoring Commercial Energy Audit Training. That means you have a virtually wide-open market.
2) Bigger Savings – Commercial buildings use exponentially more power than the average home. Simple lighting retrofits can save some commercial operations $30,000-$50,000 a year. And bigger savings means more money for you.
3) “Smarter” Clients – Commercial businesses understand the value of a return on their investment (ROI). Where homeowners limit upgrades to what’s in their checkbook, Commercial operators will “invest” in energy savings because it has an incredible rate of return.
So get started today with Commercial Energy Audit Training and start making money saving energy.

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Why Choose the Commercial Energy Audit Training?

Denby Energy Commercial Energy Audit Training is the perfect choice for those who want comprehensive, accessible and most importantly usable Commercial Energy Audit Training for one simple price.

We’ve made Commercial Energy Audit Training super easy, afforable and super accessible. We offer 2 conventient Commercial energy Audit Training Package.

1) Get Started Commercial Energy Audit Training. This packages contain everything you need to get started making money saving energy. First, it gives you our Proprietary 11 part training manuals. These manuals are designed to teach you what you need to know to start a business making money saving energy. Second, our commercial energy audit training prepars you to test for NEASI Certification as a Commercial Energy Auditor. Third, you get 12 Essential Audit Resources including: software, energy auditing report templates, audit worksheets, customer contracts, and a step-by-step audit guide to help you jump start your business.

2) Turn-Key Commercial Energy Audit Training. This package gives you everything in the Get Started package, PLUS, you get our exclusive online, on-demand commercial energy audit training learning videos. Video learning gives you a HUGE advantage. Second, the Turn-Key package gives you our exclusive Window Film learning module. You will learn from an industry expert on exactly how window film works and why it is an often misunderstood part of commercial energy audit training.

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No Experience? No Problem!

Our Commercial Energy Audit Training packages teach you exactly what you need to know to become a commercial energy auditor. In less than 2 weeks you can have a new career!

All our commercial energy audit training packages are expertly crafted to give you the best chance of success in your new career. Our energy audit training courses are not theory courses, but instead give you the instruction, leadership and guidance you need to get trained, certified and start making money saving energy.

Commercial Energy Audit Training Packages

Get started today, making money saving energy. We’ve put together our best Commercial Energy Audit Training packages to make getting started super simple. Click on the tabs below to learn more about all that is included within the commercial energy audit training.

Get Started
Commercial Energy Auditor starter Package

Get Started with the best Level 1 Commercial Energy Audit Training available today!

checkmark You get the most comprehensive Level 1 Commercial Audit Training program available today.
checkmark Includes training, audit templates, resources, business tools and more.
checkmark Everything you need to start making money saving energy.
1) Commercial Energy Audit Training
2) Commercial Energy Auditor Certification
3) Essential Audit Resources
4) Marketing Training
5) Business Start Up Resources
Get Started Today for only

The absolute best Level 1 training available anywhere!
Turn-Key Package
Commercial Energy Auditor starter Package

Commercial Training – Turn-Key

Commercial Energy Auditor Video Training

Online, On-demand Learning

Turn-Key Package Includes everything in the “Get Started” package Plus,

checkmark Our
Exclusive Commercial Energy Auditor Training Video Learning. Video learning makes everything easier. checkmark Another exclusive- Window Film Video Training. There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to commercial energy audit training and window film. Let our industry expert teach you exactly what you need to know.

Everything in the “Get Started Package” Plus
1) Online Video Training
2) Professional Window Film Video Training

Get Started Today for only

The absolute best Level 1 training available anywhere!

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Click a Tab below and see exactly what you get with the Turn Key Commercial Energy Audit Training Course and why this is the best training you will find.

Exclusive Complete Training Series - Denby Energy

Your Level 1 Training is:

1) Accurate & Complete

We teach you what is important for your future.

2) Engaging

We learn best when engaged and our training gets rave reviews.

3) Effective

We teach beyond theory, focusing on practical application.

4) Guaranteed

We guarantee your energy audit training. Click here to learn more.

Designed for your success.

Denby Energy Level 1 Commerical Audit Training gives you the most comprehensive Level 1 program available, and paves the way for Level 2 Commercial Energy Audit Training.

Module 1: Introduction – Basics of Energy

Module 1: Basics of Energy

You’ll Learn:
1) Where energy comes from
2) How it gets to the business
3) AC vs DC power

Reducing watts by a few percentages can result in significant dollar savings for your clients.

Module 2: Building Envelope

Module 2: Building Envelope

You’ll Learn:
1) How to understand heat transfer
2) How energy bills can tell you how to tight your building envelope is
3) All about insulation – the different types, uses and the R-Value.

Aluminum transfers heat at over 900 times the rate of wood. Reducing the thermal bridge in a building can save owners hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs.

Module 3: Lighting

Module 3: Lighting

You’ll Learn:
1) The different types of lighting (CFLs, LEDs, tube fluorescents, HID, and more)
2) How to quantify exactly how much it costs to run a lamp
3) How to signicantly lower energy bills.

Lighting can account for almost 60% of energy use of some facilities. With simple lighting changes you can potentially save business owners 10% or more a year!

Module 4: Energy Bills

Module 4: Energy Bills

You’ll Learn:
1) How to read electricand gas bills
2) Why Demand Charges add large costs to the energy bill – and how to eliminate them
3) Various electric rate schedules that can save money
4) How to read a meter.

Reducing Demand Charges on a small facility can save them almost $150 a month, or $1,800 a year!

Module 5: Heating and Cooling

Module 5: Heating and Cooling

You’ll Learn:
1) Fundamentals of heat
2) Different types of heat
3) Different types of cool
4) How to determine the conditioning units.

Increasing the SEER rating of an air conditioning system from 8 to 14 can reduce the operating cost from about $130 per ton of cooling, to about $74 per ton. For a savings of $56 per ton!

Module 6: Machines and Motors

Module 6: Machines and Motors

You’ll Learn:
1) How to calculate Watts, Volts, Amps
2) How to distinguish between nameplate and actual rating
3) Why effeciency ratings can save your client thousands of dollars a year.
4) Variable speed drives and why they are critical to energy efficiency.

Changing a motor from 24 hp to 15 hp can result in savings of over $3,400 a year.

Module 7: Economics of Energy

Module 7: Economics of Energy

You’ll Learn:
1) Saving energy does not always mean saving money
2) Simple payback method, Life-Cycle costs, Time Value of Money, compound interest, uniform
    series cash flow
3) How to calculate the Return on Investment and determine Future Value of a project.

Motor A may cost $200 less than Motor B but when you do a Life-Cycle cost, Motor A actually costs $1,500 more than Motor B – a savings you can see!

Module 8: Basics of Contracts

Module 8: Basics of Contracts

You’ll Learn:
1) What makes a contract a Contract
2) The Basics of reading/writing a contract
3) What constitutes a Breach and how it is determined.

You actually enter into contracts every day, learn what they are and how you can understand them.

Module 9: Making Money

Module 9: Making Money

You’ll Learn:
1) How to make money doing energy audits
2) The Pro’s and Con’s of two major methods for charging for your services
3) Strategic negotiating points that will ensure you close the deal.

A $5,000 investment in the bank would increase $3,145 in 10 years. A $5,000 investment in energy efficiency could turn into $55,100 in 10 years! Educating your client is key to your success.

Module 10: Incorporating & Insurance

Module 10: Incorporating and Insurance

You’ll Learn:
1) Which company structure is best for you, LLC, S Corp, Partnership
2) The advantages and disadvantages of each corporation structure
3) The basic types of insurance available and how they apply to energy auditing.

Get virtually the same protections as the Blue Chip companies for a fraction of the cost without the restrictive procedural requirements.

Module 11: Immersion Module

Module 11: Immersion Module

You’ll Learn:
1) To turn a 20 minute lunch appointment into serious money in your pocket
2) To identify easy low hanging fruit that can make energy savings easy to do and very

If you do nothing but focus on “low-hanging-fruit”, you can make a great living saving energy. This example shows how you can save a restaurant over $1,000 a year by making some simple changes.

Online Video Learning is the Best Way to Learn

Exclusive to the Turn-Key version. The Turn-Key Commercial Energy Audit Training comes with access to our exclusive online, on-demand video training program.

Exclusive Complete Training Series - Denby Energy

1) It’s easy. Just sit back and let the video trainer tell you what you need to know.
2) Visual learning. There are lots of pictures, charts and graphs to help you understand the material.
3) Learn on YOUR time. The course is available 24 hours a day, so you learn when you are ready.
4) Problem solving. We give you math problems and help you solve them. So you get to see how the work inside and out-no guess work.
5) Quizzes. At the end of each section you get a short quiz to test your retention.
6) Forward and Rewind. You can move forwards and backwards in the material so you can review and learn.
7) Greater Retention. Because you learn on your time you have better retention.
8) Better results. Because you learn at your pace and can review the materials over again, you will score better on the exam.

What makes our video training so valuable?

It’s produced by the same people who wrote the training and who verified and formulated the exam. So you are certain that what you are learning is what you need to know. There is no guess work about what information is “necessary” and what is “skipable”.

Online Video Learning for Commercial Level 1 Included
Exclusive Complete Training Series - Denby Energy

Window Film Video Learning Program

For many people, window film is a mystery. Does it really work? Is it really worth your time? Are there different kinds? How do I know how to make a conclusion up or down about window film and its place in energy efficiency?

The answers may surprise you. We give you the insider’s view from a leading industry expert.

The National Energy and Sustainability Institute Certification

Certification is Important

It is your validation to the world that you are trained
and qualified to do energy audits.

Included With Your Training

Unlike other programs where certification is “extra”. With Denby Energy, Certification testing is included with
every program package.

All Online Certification Testing

All Online

Our certification test is all online. You login, take your test (timed), and you get instant results. Retest is only $45, but with a 95% passrate you don’t need to worry about that!

You Get The Best

Our comprehensive training programs include certificaiton testing with the National Energy and Sustainability
Institute (NEASI).


1) NEASI is a market leader in certification testing for energy efficiency and energy audit training.
2) NEASI is 100% independent and un-biased. It is a stand-alone certification body that is not
run by, affiliated with or controlled by any of its participating members.
3) NEASI supplies certificaiton testing to an industry leading 6 separate energy efficiency
training companies.
4) NEASI has certified people all over the world.   Click here to visit

Denby Energy  Named Platinum Provider for NEASI

Denby Energy Named Platinum Provider for NEASI

Denby Energy was named a Platinum Provider for NEASI for 3 reasons:
1) Denby Energy has provided the largest number of candidates on record.
2) The Pass-Rate for Denby Energy students is over 95%.
3) The market leadership position of Denby Energy in the energy efficiency training field.

Benefits of Certification

Denby graduates enjoy career flexibility that allows them earn a lucrative income while
helping people save money on their energy bills. Here are some of the best parts about the
Certification Program:

* Confidence: By taking and passing the Certification test you will quickly learn how much you know and how easy it is to make money saving energy.

* Reputation: With the select National Energy and Sustainability Institute Energy Auditor Certification, you will establish a reputation as a true professional.

* Professionalism: Anyone can buy training materials. Only those with the professionalism to take their career to the next level will take and pass the Certified Home Energy Exam.

Audit Resources

To be successful you need the right resources.

With our exclusive Commercial Energy Audit Training Audit Resource Kit, you get everything you need to actually do an audit and and write the commercial audit report.

Get the resources that power the largest Tier 1 Commercial energy audit training in the world.

Audit Cheklist

The Step-By-Step checklist is custom designed by Denby Energy for the Commercial Energy Audit Training program and is the perfect resource for doing your audits.

Commercial Audit Checklist

The checklist is fully customizable, so you can sculpt it as your business grows.

Lighting Resources

Lighting is a significant part of every audit and to make certain that you can accurately identify and eliminate wasted energy from lighting, we have several resources devoted to this special area.

Lighting Worksheet

Lighting Worksheet

Let’s you list and calculate the lighting in a home and to calculate potential savings from suggested changes.

Lighting Quick Reference

Lighting Quick-Reference

This quick-reference chart lets you
instantly “ball-park” lighting savings. Also helpful for use with detailed assessments.

Software & Reports

Critical to any Commercial energy audit is the ability to turn the data from the audit into a report you can provide to the business owner so they can see where they are wasting energy and how they can begin saving energy and saving money.

Home Energy Report

Commercial Energy Report

You get our exclusive full Commercial Energy Report template that lets you define energy targets for your homeowner and give them solutions to start saving money now.

Calculation Software

Calculation Software

Our exclusive software is designed for Commercial Energy Audits, and covers all the major areas of energy use, helping you calculate energy cost and savings for your business owner.


We make energy auditing easy. You get fully operatable contracts, Conversion Factors, and more. These essential resources are specifically crafted by Denby Energy to make sure you do it right the first time.

Commercial Energy Audit Contract

Two Energy Audit Contracts

1st Contract is for payment based on the square feet of the building. 2nd Contract, is for payment based on a % of savings.

Commercial Energy Audit Conversion Factors

Conversion Factors

Instantly convert:
HP to Watts, Watts to BTUs,
Therms to BTUs, and so much more.

Energy Audit Tips

Audit Tips

Critical tips that will help you make your business run smoothly.

Energy Audit Square Foot Calculator

Square Foot Calculator

Instantly calculate the cost per square foot
with this simple excel worksheet.

Energy Audit Uniform Tables

Uniform Tables

Instantly calculate the cost per square foot
with this simple excel worksheet.

Sales and Marketing

Nothing is more critical to your Commercial Energy Audit business sucess than marketing.

To get Commercial Energy Audit clients you need the best marketing available. Denby Energy audit training includes sales and marketing training with each and every course so you can get the more clients.

Sales & Marketing Training

With each commercial energy audit training, you get access to our industry leading training guide to marketing in the energy efficiency business. This training was written specifically to teach you the best sales and marketing strategies for energy efficiency. Written by Denby Energy specifically for our Commercial Audit Training clients.

Sales and Marketing Training
Sales and Marketing Training Manual

Marketing Materials

We help you distinguish you business by giving you the Right marketing materials for the right job. Our Commercial marketing materials are written exclusively by us for you to use in your commercial enegy auditing market.

Flyer Templates

2 Different Flyer Templates

Fully customizable

Tri-fold Brochure Templates

Tri-fold Brochure

Fully customizable

Sales Letter

Sales letters are great tools for building energy auditing clients. To help you, Denby Energy created this expertly drafted sales letter specifically to help you get more clients and make more money saving energy.

Energy Audit Sales Letter

Sales Letter

Fully customizable

Green Tips Book

Green Tips Book

Use this book* to learn 120 simple, easy and doable tips for going green. It is packed with tons of small tips to get tht extra bit of energy savings, as well as conservation strategies, and other “green” tips to minimize your Life-Footprint.

**You can give this book away to your clients as a gift. **
*Book is provided in electronic form.

Business Start Up

Your success is our goal. Use our excluexclusive business start up materials to stack the deck to your advantage. You get business start up materials with each purchase of Denby Energy Commercial Energy Audit Training.

Business Group

Professionally crafted business set templates – with 3 separate themes you can choose from.

Business Group


Business Software

You get 3 separate software spreadsheet programs to help you get your business up and running. Even if you are doing it part-time, you can still use the spreadsheet software to run all your businesses.

Business Software

For Special Quotes Call 1-888-813-3629 or email us. We are happy to answer your questions and put together special quotes for combination packages that meet your energy audit training needs.

checkmarkProgram Guarantee

Try our products Risk-Free for 60 days. If you are unable to save money by eliminating wasted energy, we will refund your purchase price.

How can we be so certain with our guarantee? Because it works. Energy savings is mathematical. Once you try it, it will work, you will quickly make back your investment and you will be confident in your ability to succeed.

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Why Denby Energy?


  • USGBC Approved Education Provider
  • NEASI Provider of the Year 2010
  • Programs written by actual energy experts
  • Actual Energy Experts own and run the company
  • Over 1,000 satisfied customers
  • Only Company around today that gives you Level 1 and Level 2 training for home and commercial energy auditing along with industry leading Tool discounts, LEED training and more.