Being An Energy Consultant Is The Best New Career For 2011

According to recent articles by Yahoo!Hotjobs, Time Magazine, and others there is one area that is poised for significant growth during 2009-2010 recession because it is eco-friendly and in such demand by companies looking to cut down on their energy costs. The best new career for you to have right now is an Energy Auditor.

That’s right! You can gain stability in your life by switching careers into the hottest most in-demand new career there is. The great thing about this new career is that it fits exactly into President Obama’s energy saving stimulus program. Now is the perfect time to become an Energy Auditor and make money by helping companies reduce wasted energy!

Why Denby Energy?

  1. Originally Written By Experienced Energy Auditors. No copy paste.
    Our materials are written, crafted and developed by actual energy auditors who have the experience, the knowledge and the insight to create working solutions for home and businesses.
  2. Tried, Tested and Proven Materials
    Our materials have been tried, tested and proven.
  3. Ready to work programs
    Our prorams are ready-to-work programs that provide you the essentials you need to get started right
  4. Business Startup Essentials
    Our materials are not only teach you the fundamental of energy savings, but also including business startup essentials so that you can get started in your business fast and accurately
  5. Home Energy Audit Certification Exam (National Energy and Sustainability Institute). Not common completion certificate.
    Our comprehensive training program includes a certification with the National Energy and Sustainability institute pursuant to their approved Home Energy Audit Certification Exam. Not common ‘completion’ certificate.
  6. Denby Energy Named Approved Education Provider for USGBC-LEED Continuing Education
    We are the only home and commercial Certified Energy Auditor program to have met the US Green Building Council (USGBC) program requirements and approved for use as LEED continuing education credit courses (Professional Credentialing Maintenance). By joining one of our training program you are now eligible for continuing education credits for LEED professionals.
  7. 60-day Guarantees
    We offer 2 absolute, 60-day guarantees with our Denby Energy programs:
    #1. Make Money Guarantee
    #2. 100% Accuracy
    Read the reason why does Denby Energy offer such a strong guarantee
  8. A BBB Accredited business since July 9, 2009
    Denby Energy commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Get Started in Energy Auditing Now!

All our packages are designed to get you started in your new career, They are not theory courses, but instead give you tools you need to get trained, get certified and start making money saving energy.

Each package contains additional materials that can increase your ability to get your business running.


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