How do you make money as an Energy Auditor.

You’ve made the first move. You are thinking of becoming an Energy Auditor and you are researching different training programs. How do you find the right energy auditor training program and, more importantly, how do you take what you’ve learned in the program and apply that to making money. Not only is it important to get the right technical training and certification, but you also need a comprehensive program that helps you to develop the Sales and Marketing aspects as well. The Denby Energy Auditor Program not only teaches you how to do an effective Energy Audit, but it also supplies you with a full Energy Auditor Sales & Marketing program. And this comprises not just ideas, but actual examples of Marketing Materials that you can use, and you can simply add your company’s name, address and phone number too.

Maybe you’ve researched other businesses before and have even gone through their training. Yet, the questions remain, how and where do you find customers. The Denby Energy Auditor Program breaks down your training, either commercial or residential, into individual modules. Each module focuses on a core aspect of being an Energy Auditor. One of these modules focuses on selling yourself as an Energy Auditor and then offers real life sales and marketing examples that are geared solely towards the Energy Auditor Business sector. It does not teach you Sales 101, but it does show you how to get out the door and start making money as an Energy Auditor.

Are energy training programs are designed to train you and get you out into the field making money and helping home and business owners save money on energy costs.


2 Responses to “Energy Auditor Sales and Marketing”

  1. AL on December 28th, 2010 4:30 am

    What is the different between your energy audit business and some of the other one like avion energy.

  2. admin on March 3rd, 2011 10:40 pm

    Denby Energy is the only company out there that offers you 2 different levels of Home and Commercial audit training, resources to get you clients and business training and tools. Denby Energy offers Level 1 energy audit training, currently for only $197. We also offer BPI and RESNET training as a Level 2. We have 2 levels of Commercial, starting at $197 for our Level 1 program that has all the resources you need to start making money saving energy.