Increase Business and Revenue by adding Energy Audits

As a professional that works in or around homes, you need to find new ways to stay competitive and increase revenue – which in today’s market is no easy task. You keep your prices fair in order to stay in the game and you work hard for every dollar. Finding new ways to diversify your business and add value for your clients is important to ensuring your long-term success and profitability.

Imagine walking into a client’s home to perform your typical services, expecting to make your typical wage, and then, while speaking with them you suggest an Energy Audit (energy efficiency assessment) to show them ways they can save money and energy. Since you are already on the property you could perform the Energy Audit while you are there and create a list of items that need to be updated now and in the future.  You not only help your client save money on energy, you just increased the amount of revenue you generate per client with only a minor increase in time invested on your part.

Adding energy efficiency to your tool box is the perfect way to add serious value to your services.  At Denby Energy we have created an energy efficiency (a.k.a. “energy auditor”) training program that will work for you.  Most energy auditor training programs are expensive, time consuming and in many cases overwhelming.  Denby Energy is unlike anyone else in the marketplace today.  Our programs are specifically designed to be easy, simple and most importantly  -doable.  What good is energy efficiency knowledge if you don’t know how to actually do it?  Denby Energy makes it easy.

What is an energy audit?  An energy audit is an inspection of your client’s home for energy usage.  During the audit, you will calculate their energy usage, and then make suggestions for ways they could reduce energy usage.  The audit itself can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as several hours, you decide what works best for you.  And the more you do, the faster you get at solving the problems.  The result is a report for the homeowner showing them where they are wasting energy and a list of suggestions they can do to reduce the wasted energy.

Denby Energy Auditor Training from Denby Energy on Vimeo.

As a professional that works in and around homes, you may be a licensed contractor which means you may want to bid on doing the energy efficient upgrades for the homeowner.  If you are not a licensed tradesman, you would then want to look at aligning yourself with such people that you can then refer to the homeowner, and take a small referral fee from the contractor for the referral.

The average home energy audit costs between $500 and $1,000.  The Denby Energy program shows you how to get the majority of the same savings with less effort on your part, so you can charge a lot less, and get a lot more work.  We recommend that auditors start at $250 for their services, but you are free to charge however much or little you want.

If you are in an industry that puts you in or around a client’s home then you are already in perfect position to take advantage of this opportunity.  Industries such as

  • Home Inspectors
  • Mold Treatment
  • HVAC
  • Handymen
  • Electricians
  • Window Installation,
  • Roofers

just to name a few, are ideal vocations to consider adding Energy Auditing to their repertoire of services.   You can offer your energy audit services for an additional fee or for free so that you can perform the recommended changes for a fee.

Denby Energy offers easy to understand Energy Auditing courses that teach you everything you need to know to become a certified Home Energy Auditor. These courses come in three packages: the Getting Started Package, Professional Package, and Turn-Key Package. All three will get you certified to become an Energy Auditor and increase your revenue. The Professional Package will also provide you with a Virtual Academy Training course, which facilitates the learning process and the Turn-Key Package, provides all this, plus essential support, marketing and business tools to jump immediately into a successful new full or part time career as an Energy Auditor. All it takes is basic math skills, and a desire to make maximize your earning potential to become a successful Energy Auditor.  Learn more about why you should select Denby’s Energy Audit Training Program.

Make the decision today, and see bigger paychecks in as little as one week.


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